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Series A Funding

With the right aptitude, skills-set and the killer product, turn your startup into a high growth business and lead the industry for years to come. We are here to help you get there stronger and faster.

What is Boost Program?

Our Boost Program is a Series A Funding. It is the first round of a large external financing provided to startups after the initial seed funding has already been provided. This type of funding is usually provided from external investors independent of the startup. These investors are then given equity of the startup in exchange for their funds, and it is usually in the form of preferred stock which includes anti-dilution provisions.

Access to Boost Program at GMN Incubator is usually reserved for those startups already under our portfolio. We always ensure we devote adequate capital to follow our investments through later stages of financing as the companies grow from strength to strength.

Through Boost Program, we will help to optimise the existing business structure to unlock the full potential. At this stage, we’ll help startups develop more efficient distribution channels as well as providing deep marketing insights about their industry. We’ll also focus on ways to increase the number of customers and strengthen the marketing and communication skills of the company. The chief focus of the program will be on developing key disciplines and development structures for better growth. We’ll even help look for expansion opportunities to scale the products/services across different and untapped markets.


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Our Boost Program is open to all passionate founders who finds a market for their awesome product/service and needs a helping hand to realise that dream.

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Community Power

At GMN Incubator, we are just like one big family. We share information, we provide founders with a platform to interact, learn from one another and build camaraderie in the process.

Advice from Experts

Our experienced network of passionate individuals will provide you with key insights into your industry, ensuring that you stay on course towards success.

Hands-on Support

Aided by experienced mentors and like-minded founders, we’ll work with you to prepare a powerful presentation deck to pitch your product/service to potential investors.

Funding & Investments

Backed by our wide connections and networking, we’ll match you to the right investors to turn your dream into reality.

Here at GMN Incubator, we provide more than just capital. By providing guidance, perspectives, ideas, and connections, our team of experts plugs the gaps in the business ecosystem. We help you scale your startup in prudent and deep-seated ways that will keep the business successful for many years to come.

“You have to learn the rules of the game. And then you have to play better than anyone else.”

– Albert Einstein

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