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GMN Incubator, Asia’s leading start-up incubator & accelerator

GMN Incubator is a Singaporebased Asiawide startup incubator with a strong network of promising startups, collaboration partners and mentors primarily based in Singapore and South East Asia.

Our SeedUP Program primarily focuses on helping the businesses understand their markets intimately, and at the same time building their basic core values, and setting the management and regulatory polices right. On the operational front, we shall also dig into sorting out the requisites for brand marketing, customer acquisition, design conceptualisation, end-user experience and key start-up practices. Through this program, we hope to help startups gain the knowledge they need to survive and thrive in their respective industry.

The approach is bespoke, attuned to the startup’s unique needs as we recognise each startup requires different kind of assistance specific to their business and industry.

Our Boost Program aims to bring further growth and capital injections for post-seed companies and pre-Series A companies. Through this program, we will help to optimise the existing business structure to unlock the full potential. We’ll even help look for expansion opportunities to scale the products/services across different and untapped markets.

Through our mentorship programs, we help committed entrepreneurs sharpen their skills set, enrich their resources and network to make it happen.

Industry Expert Ready to Help Guide you.

GMN Incubator has all the required expertise to help your business beome a success. We provide knowledge in areas such as marketing to finance. Apply for our programs to learn more.

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Our business is to help you succeed.

Whether you’re just armed with a crazy idea, looking for help to write your business plan or actively seeking funding for your awesome product, we have the right resources to help you realise your dream.

Connecting Networks

We value the power of collaborative partners as no man is an island. We’ve built a strong network for success-focused incubators to engage with one another. We communicate and network with other incubators and accelerators and facilitate strategic ventures between organisations with the core mission to cultivate relationships between partners bonded by trust and mutual gain.

Shared Knowledge

We work with industry leaders and shakers to fill the gaps in information and disseminate the information through shared online resources for the benefit of our mentors, partners and startups. The online information is easily accessible and may help startups identify critical factors that will help in the process of strategic decision-making.

On-line & Off-line Capabilities

Our capabilities are a combination of technologies, skills and tools to address the many challenges inherent across diverse markets. Borders and timezones are no barriers, as we offer both online and offline opportunities for startups based in Singapore or South Asia to readily connect to the network and tap ideas and brains to keep up with the fast pace.

So what exactly do we give to startups?

Increased Valuation

Results speaks for itself. And we are humbled that we’ve been able to consistently increase the value of the startups that chose us by over 300% in less than 6 months. Our bespoke approach driven by the strong community of seasoned partners and passionate founders have created incredible results for all our startups.



Reduced Traction Time

As a startup incubator, our main goal in conducting our business is to get startups up and running at perfect timing. Through our collaborative programs that are specifically designed to help startups, we’ll help founders work through the common problems associated with running a startup. We know what is essential to get the best out of your idea and we help you grow quickly and become leaders in your industry.

Community of Start-ups

Our community of startups at GMN Incubator help to provide one another with an immersed entrepreneurial ecosystem that houses experienced entrepreneurs and professionals. We look to foster strong bonds between our startups and their mentors. Our community is as wide as our experience, and we encourage you to make the best of it. With the entire community backing you, you will stay focused and get there faster.


The types of funding we provide

SeedUP Program

Seed Funding


Boost Program
Series A Funding


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