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GMN Incubator is a Singaporebased Asiawide startup incubator with a strong network of promising startups, collaboration partners and mentors primarily based in Singapore and South East Asia.

We have invested in a multitude of technology startups since our inception in 2009 and put forth many confident entrepreneurs into the market. With our team of financial experts and industry specialists, we have been able to expand our support services extensively throughout the region.

Our programs equip startups with what they need most to be successful: support, seed funding and the right community. We set achievable Key Performance Indicators by providing startups with access to the right investors and network of invaluable resources to make the journey fail-proof.

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Our Series A Funding Program is open to all organisations and startups who feel the needs for a helping hand in terms of obtaining knowledge, networking and funds.

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Job Creation

We have help created over 400 jobs for our community of committed entrepreneurs.

Multiple Success Stories

Our companies have a combined estimated worth of S$20m.

Our Experienced Team

Command over 50 years of diverse and rich experience in our expert team of mentors and partners.


We understand that starting a business is not only hard and challenging but also a solitary journey. By working with people who’ve gone through the same challenges and emerged triumphant makes a significant difference. Our mentors who help you in your journey will give you all the help, support and advice you’ll need to become successful.


We believe that networking helps businesses find new ways to innovate and succeed in the competitive market. 

Start something amazing. We’ll help you along the way.

Whether you’re just starting from an idea or simply looking for knowledge, network or funding. We have all the resources you’ll need to create a successful business,

Increased Valuation

We’ve been able to consistently increase the value of the startups that come to us by over 300% within the span of 150 days. With the help of the experts, mentors and community of founders here at GMN Incubator, the joint knowledge and ability of these people put together have helped to create incredible results for all our startups.

Reduced Traction Time

As a startup incubator, our main goal in conducting our business is to get startups up and ready to succeed in the shortest amount of time. Through our collaborative programs that are specifically designed to help startups, we’ll help founders work through the common problems associated with running a startup. We live to help entrepreneurs grow their businesses.

Community of Startups

Our community of startups at GMN Incubator help to provide one another with an immersed entrepreneurial ecosystem that houses experienced entrepreneurs and professionals. We look to foster strong bonds between our startups and their mentors. Our community is as wide as our experience, and we encourage you to make the best of it. With the entire community backing you, you will stay focused and get there faster.


Seed Program

We recognise that each startup is unique and requires different kind of assistance specific to their industry. Our SeedUp Program is an intensive 3-months incubator program designed to help budding entrepreneurs get to the core, build up their skills and unlock the full potential of their businesses. Through this Program, we provide entrepreneurs with bespoke one-on-one initial consultation, market research, management skills, policy and regulatory issues, periodic mentor reviews, networking resources and all the necessary office tools to convert that special dream into reality.

At the end of the Program, entrepreneurs will have the opportunity to pitch their businesses to a group of potential investors and obtain that precious seed funding to launch the product/service.

Series A Program

Boost Program, a Series A Funding, at GMN Incubator is targetted at helping our existing clients in our SeedUp Program to raise additional capital to scale up their businesses to greater heights. Through Boost Program, we will look to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the products/service that the business is providing, and develop key disciplines and development structures to increase customers and revenue. We’ll help start-ups further evolve a faster and more efficient distribution channels as well as providing founders define recruitment polices, company culture and core operational values that will go a long way to building brand consistency, and in the process, retaining key talents and gaining customers loyalty.

GMN Incubator’s focus is to upscale the companies within the Boost Program to wow the potential investors who will be reviewing the startups at the end of the Program, and secure the next-tier funding to accelerate business growth.

GMN Digital Group

Bespoke Solutions for Every of Your Business Needs

Since our founding in 2009, we have produced top quality solutions for all of our clients. Armed the belief that we should provide end-to-end branding, web and creative solutions as a strategic partner of our clients. Throughout the entire project, from concept to completion, we maintain an active and open communication workflow, and are fully committed to achieving the goal, on time and within the set budget.

We set out to help businesses succeed in brand building and development in newer and better ways. We believe in research-backed plans and delivering results on interactive and scalable solutions.

We have worked with numerous industries and firmly believe in combining our clients’ expert industry knowledge with our expertise to create powerful brand experiences and marketing strategies from the customer’s viewpoint.

Our highly-experienced team includes content strategists, designers, developers, digital marketers and project managers who are all devoted to doing everything we can to help your business scale up and bring out your inner awesomeness.

Helping Entrepreneurs

Realising Dreams